Titanium Bicycles

Spectrum Titanium: the ultimate marriage of geometry, material and craftsmanship.

A Titanium bicycle can offer a rider stiffness without compromising comfort, incredible durability without added weight, and unmatched value because it will never wear out. But with Titanium more than any other frame material, ride characteristics and fit must be built into the bicycle by an experienced master. Enter Tom Kellogg and Spectrum Cycles.

Since designing and testing the first modern Titanium frames with Merlin Metal Works, Tom Kellogg has been creating ultra-light, Full Custom Titanium bicycles that are known to be among the World's finest. Many cyclists have experience riding titanium bicycles. But if you are not riding a Spectrum Custom Titanium Bicycle, you have only experienced a fraction of the benefits Titanium has to offer. At Spectrum, the experience begins with Spectrum's Titanium Tubing. In collaboration with Merlin Metal Works, Spectrum uses the highest quality, seamless, titanium tubing in the business. In fact, the tolerances of our tubing are the highest in not only the cycling industry but of any industry period. Tom Kellogg collaborates with you to chose from the widest selection of tubing available. He matches your unique characteristics and riding requirements with the optimum combination of tube diameters, gauges, and butting options in order to create for you the ideal Titanium ride.

After Tom designs the frame, the tubes are cut, custom butting is performed on each tube, tube shapes may be altered and the materials are then shipped to Seven Cycles in Massachusetts. The masters at Seven cycles complete the fabrications process on Spectrum's frames. Tubing is mitered and welded by the most experienced craftsman at Seven using Spectrum's exclusive "non-push weld" technique. The result is a gorgeous, glass smooth weld that's as strong as it is beautiful. Finally, Tom Kellogg finishes each frame with your custom paint scheme. If you can dream it, he will paint it. At Spectrum we know that buying an expensive titanium bicycle is a lifetime investment. Tom matches the highest quality materials, with intelligent design choices to meet your unique needs. The result is the perfect Spectrum Custom Titanium bicycle that you will want to keep for a lifetime.

In short, you simply can't make a better decision than Spectrum Titanium.