Tandem Bicycles

A well built tandem bicycle is difficult to find. A lugged-steel tandem bicycle is rare. A Custom Spectrum Tandem is both rare and exclusive. In fact, at Spectrum we only create one Custom Spectrum Tandem per year. Why only one?

Quite simply, Custom Spectrum Tandems are the most custom tailored, masterfully crafted and brilliantly finished tandems made. We begin each full custom tandem with a clean slate. We don't start with a pre-designed stock model or preconceived ideas of frame configuration. We do not choose from a pre-designed selection of lugs and tubes. Rather, we hand fabricate our tandem lugs from scratch and custom select our tubes.

We use lugs on our tandems because they are stronger, because they look better, and because they enable us to create a frame unmatched in performance, style, and fit. Each lug is created specifically for your tandem to match your unique needs. We do not use pre-created lugs that limit geometry and tube diameter options.

We then match our custom created lugs to hand-selected tubes. We choose our tubing sizes and gauges to create a light, rigid and visually svelte frame. As a result our custom tandems don't look bulky like other tandems often do.

Because of our custom lugs and our tubing selections, Custom Spectrum Tandems are straighter, lighter, stronger, and more rigid than any other tandems available. Before the frame is custom finished by Tom, it is matched to a totally custom tandem fork. We make our own forks that are stronger and more ridged than commercially available tandem forks.

As with every Custom Spectrum bicycle, all aspects of our tandem frames are custom. All dimensions, angles, tubing, braze-ons, paint, etc. are completely customized to match your needs, style and vision.

The level of customization at Spectrum makes it impossible to create an accurate price list but on average, a Custom Tandem Frame complete with fork, headset, and bottles costs about $6.000.00.

It may be easier to purchase a Santana, Rodriguez, Burley or Sterling tandem from a catalogue, but a Custom Spectrum Tandem is more than worth the effort. For a more accurate idea about the cost of your Custom Spectrum Tandem, call us and remember we only build one a year!