Frame Repair and Refinishing

Spectrum Cycles offers a full line of frame refinishing services. We repair steel frames and forks from minor cosmetic repairs such as filling dents and rust pits to full tube replacements. Spectrum does not offer titanium frame repair for brands other than Spectrum. Nor do we repair composite or aluminum frames.

We are known in bicycle collector circles as one of the few refinishing shops willing to take on the most difficult restorations from the classic era. Our award winning work on restorations of Hetchins, Masis, Black Phantoms and others have brought back to show room splendor some real basket cases.

Because we are frame builders who paint, we are not in the business of minor finish repairs such as touch-up work. Our pant work is always full frame.

Spectrum does not offer refinishing services of composite frames, leaving that work to those who specialize in those kinds of materials.

To ensure the highest quality work on repairs and refinishing, we accept limited numbers of frames per quarter. We may not be the fastest, but we are one of the best.

When you are ready to have your frame repaired or refinished, download our Repair Order Form, fill it out and return it with your frame set.