Steel Bicycles

The Spectrum steel bike is a classic, traditional beauty...Just better.

Every Spectrum steel road bicycle comes with an interview. Because each of our steel bikes is custom built, we need to know a lot about you. So we ask a lot of questions. Frequently, this will take well over an hour of in depth discussions.

With these and other answers in hand, Tom takes precise body position measurements on the bicycle, noting such things as body posture on the bicycle and hand placement on the brake hoods, handlebar drops and tops. Only after this exhaustive investigation of what you need in a bicycle do we begin to design and build it.

We start with quad-butted chrome-moly tubing, drawn exclusively for us by Reynolds, Columbus, True Temper and Dedacciai. After days of painstaking mitering, fitting and brazing, your frame is ready for hours of filing, sanding, cleaning and bead-blasting.

Finally we apply rust inhibiting primers, followed by DuPont Imron® paint, in your choice of patterns and colors. After baking, decals and seven coats of clear Imron® polyurethane are applied. One final baking gives your new Spectrum a beautiful, protective finish.

Our steel artistry is unsurpassed, resulting in a bicycle that is stronger because its component parts fit tighter together. If all of this sounds like an awful lot of work for a bike, you're right. But it's the only way we build them.