Spectrum Cycles was originally founded to produce the highest quality custom steel and titanium frames and bicycles in the world. With this singular goal, Spectrum founder and president Tom Kellogg began building frames under the Spectrum name in 1982. In 1985 Tom employed Master Signature frame builder and long-time friend Jeff Duser.

Today the Spectrum facilities are housed in a 185-year-old stone barn located in the heart of the Lehigh Valley of eastern Pennsylvania. At Spectrum, Tom and Jeff are still dedicated to the design and construction of the finest custom steel and titanium frames and bicycles available.

Spectrum is one of the country's most trusted OE and importer repair shops. We do direct and referral work for Gita, Ochsner, and others. In addition to our OE work, Spectrum is widely recognized as one of the finest steel frame repair and refinishing shops in the country. We offer a full line of repair and refinishing services. To ensure the highest quality work on repairs and refinishing, we accept limited numbers of frames per quarter. We may not be the fastest, but we are one of the best.

  • Custom Steel frames are available for Road, Track, Touring, Tri. Brevet, Adventure and Cyclo-X (sorry, we don't do mountain bikes).

  • All Custom Titanium frames are designed by Tom Kellogg and built in partnership with Seven Cycles and Merlin Metal Works.

  • Spectrum Titanium frames are unique with Spectrum's exclusive glass smooth welds, a totally clean look.

  • All frames sets include: frame, fork and headset.

  • Spectrum offers ENVE, WoundUp, Pegoretti and Seven forks to complement our Custom Titanium frames (which one is up to you…Custom means Custom).

  • Spectrum Cycles only supplies Chris King headsets. No reason to offer others.

  • Columbus, Reynolds, True Temper, Dedacciai, and others manufacture Spectrum steel tubing. We choose each tube individually to tune the frame qualities for you. Therefore complete tube-sets, though cheaper to build with, are not used.

  • Our Lugs are our own hand made lugs. We obsessively work the lugs, finishing them to our exacting specifications to ensure maximum strength and classic appearance.

  • At Spectrum, there is no standard finish. You dream it, we create it using over 120 stock Imron colors plus an exotic assortment of neons, candies, pearls, and traveling colors. Titanium frames are also available in natural brushed Titanium and clear-coated Titanium. Some paint options cost more than others but all are worth it.

  • All decals are buried, i.e...you can't feel them or peel them. Decal lettering colors are black or white, with custom color graphics available.