Frequently Asked Questions

"What is my frame set going to cost?"
Below you will find the basic prices for our frame sets. Pricing can vary widely depending on chosen extra features and finishing options. Download the Custom Order Form for additional pricing information.

Custom Steel Road Frameset . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3000.00
Custom Track Frameset . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2700.00
Custom Titanium Frameset (straight gauge) . . . . . 4300.00
Custom Titanium Frameset (butted tubing) . . . . . . 4600.00
Custom 30th Anniversary Frameset . . . . . . . . . . . 3200.00
Special purpose (tandem, etc.) . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . per Quote

(above prices assume standard finishes)

  • Full or partial build kits available from Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM. Other custom build kits available with consultation. Complete bicycles include all components including, yes, pedals.

  • Spectrum accepts; Checks, Visa and MasterCard for payment(s).

"When and how are payments made?"

  • Payments/deposits are not refundable, non transferable*.
  • 3% fee is added to all debit or credit card payments to partially cover banking fees.
  • Payments required:
  1. Initial deposit
    Holds your place in line – 500.00
    Titanium frame set – with completed order or fitting – 500.00.

  2. First Payment – with completed order form or fitting – 500.00
    *Partial refunds for hardship cancelation of orders may be permitted if it occurs before inception of frame construction.
    All design requirements (order form, fitting, frame specifications, etc.) must be received by July 31st.

  3. Second payment – final finishing choices are due at this time.
    Steel – at inception of construction – 500.00
    Titanium - upon receipt of materials from ABG – 1000.00

  4. Final frameset payment.
    Upon completion of Frameset – full frame set balance.

  5. Complete bike final payment – When Spectrum receives build kit - Full balance.
    Spectrum may require additional payments if we need to purchase some of your components during the frame building process.

"When am I going to get my new bike?"

Our backlog varies a great deal. If it happens that you order your frame set when we have a very short backlog, it is possible that you could receive your frame set in as little as two months from the time of your order/fitting. However, consider that possibility a rare one. More commonly, we are backed up on the order of nine months. Because we have no control over when customers decide to order their new bikes, we cannot give you a wait time estimate until we have your order and initial deposit in hand. Even then, a delivery estimate is just that; an estimate. We will do our best to get you your new bike when we estimated that we would, but as a small hand manufacturing business, we know that creating the finest bicycle for you can take more time than either of us would hope.

"If I can't come to your shop, how will I get a proper fitting?"

About 20% of our customers cannot make it to the barn for a personal fitting. If this is the case, we ask you to fill out the Order Form / Fit Sheet. Once you have done so, you will send it in with your initial deposit and we (you and Tom) will get to work. After evaluating what you have sent us, Tom will contact you for an interview and he will have a lot of questions to go over in order to flesh out the information on the order form and clarify any questions he might have about what you have included on the form. The process may take a number of phone calls and e-mails or it may be quite simple depending on your needs. Once Tom has what he needs from you, he will complete the design of your frame set. At this point, he and Jeff are ready to go, but at any point along the way, they encourage you to ask questions so that you are completely comfortable with the plans for your new bike.

"What the difference is between straight-gage, butted, and double-butted tubing?"

The answer is pretty simple. Straight gage tubing refers to tubes with a tube-wall of uniform thickness. That means a cross section of the tube at any point along its length would be identical to any other cross section along its length. PVC pipes, conduit, McDonalds drinking straws, and our non-Super framesets all use straight gage tubing.

Butted tubing refers to tubing with thinner tube walls in the middle of their length than at its ends. Butting is simply the best way to make a lighter frame while retaining all of its reliability. The single drawback is of course the costs involved in the butting process.

At Spectrum, we select from both butted and straight-gage tubing when customizing your ideal frame. We use straight-gage tubing on our standard titanium frames while our Supers are built with double butted tubes except for the seat stays (we even double butt the head tube and chain stays.) Durability is not affected by butting, as the highly stressed areas are the thicker butted sections. The advantage of the Super is simply the lower weight. Depending on size, the weight savings is anywhere from 4oz. to over a pound.

But weight is not everything. We can make either type of tubing feel the same by choosing the appropriate diameters and gauges. Because all of our frames are custom made, there is no performance difference between the two custom models. They handle, fit and feel the same and have the same geometry but the Supers feel a little lighter. Still confused? Give us a call.

"So, what is the difference between our Road and Super titanium frames?"

Both frame sets use the same MTS-325 seamless tubing. The difference is in the butting process. The Road frame uses straight gauge tubing while the Super is built with butted tubing. And the differences in the real world? There are two; price and weight. Depending on the frame size and intended purpose, the weight difference can be anywhere from a few ounces to a bit over a pound. The price difference between the frame sets, no matter what the size, is 300.00. We can fully customize the ride and function of either tube set.

"Our Anniversary is coming up and I don't know what my wife wants in a new bike. Is there a way that I can surprise her without risking a mistake with a new bike?"

We get this question more often that you might think. We can supply you with a "gift certificate" that you can then surprise your wife with on your anniversary. The two of you can then go through the normal ordering process which will assure correct function and sizing of her new bike while also allowing you to surprise her on the big day.