May, 1976
Tom graduates from The University of Rochester with a BA in Sociology, signs on for a 5 year apprenticeship with custom frame builder Bill Boston of Sweedsboro, NJ. and is fired in about two and a half months.

September 1976
Obsessed with bicycle construction, Tom quietly builds his first five hand made frames in a shed in New Hampshire.

October 1976
Kellogg moves to Allentown, PA. and sets up shop as Tom Kellogg Frames.

1977 - November, 1980
Tom Kellogg Frames are ridden to two professional world championships, two amateur silver world medals and over 20 national championships.

November, 1980 - June, 1982
Tom sets up the legendary "Signature" department at Ross Bicycles and develops the Ross Signature line. After a life threatening motorcycle accident, Tom leaves Ross Bicycles with legendary finisher Michael Overcash and founds Spectrum Cycles.

March 1985
Tom hires Ross Bicycles Master Builder Jeff Duser away from the Signature Division of Ross.

Winter of '87-'88
Tom Kellogg works with newly formed Merlin Metal Works to develop the first "modern" titanium road frame and production begins February 1988.

July 1988
The first Spectrum Custom Titanium bicycles are built.

October 1991
Tom tests the first "Super" or "Extra-Light" in October '91 and Titanium Frames are forever changed.

Summer 1993
Spectrum conducts the testing of Time's first carbon fork during summer of '93. The first prototype is virtually unrideable. Time is persuaded to improve the fork for Merlin and Spectrum to Tom's specifications. Since then, Tom has been asked to road test many of the top carbon forks now on the market. His prototype and testing skills are sought after by the best in the industry. Spectrum continues consulting Merlin Metal works in an ongoing basis as their new products are developed and tested.

2006 - 2007
Tom acts as Reynolds' outside consultant in the development of the Reynolds UL high performance fork. He was instrumental in determining the various ride and stiffness characteristics. He developed new bench testing procedures now used by many in the industry to ensure superior performance.

Spectrum's 25th anniversary steel bicycles were conceived to celebrate a quarter century of Spectrum excellence. 25 special edition, numbered frames custom built by Tom and Jeff. Most are too beautiful to ride...and they are all gone.

Spectrum's 30th anniversary steel bicycles were developed to honor the classic builders who were Tom's mentors when he started building in the mid 70s. Using only materials available by the late 70s, these frames are true classics. Hand numbered frames custom built by Tom and Jeff. The materials for only a few more are still available for reservation.

After Merlin discontinued custom frame production, Tom and Rob Vandermark of Seven Cycles reestablished their working relationship from the early days at Merlin in order to enable Spectrum to continue sourcing their custom frames from the premier titanium builders in the world. Merlin continues to provide Spectrum specific frame materials and Seven provides their fabrication expertise. This arrangement has enabled Tom to keep an even tighter control over all aspects of the Spectrum titanium frame production.