The Process

You contact Spectrum Cycles with your calendar in hand and decide on a date for your personal fitting at the barn.

In the event that you cannot make the trip to the Spectrum Barn for a personal fitting, the order and fitting process is done using the Spectrum Custom Order Form and a number of phone calls and e-mails. Tom will be able to obtain the same information he would have during a personal fitting. It takes a bit more time on your part working on the Order Form and the required back and forth between you and Tom will take somewhat longer.

The construction of your Custom Spectrum bicycle begins with something unexpected…an Interview. Guided by questions about ride needs and style, previous bicycles owned, how you feel on your bicycle, etc. you will tell Tom exactly what he needs to know.

Following the interview Tom conducts an exhaustive fit-session on your current bicycle. Precise measurements are taken and suggestions made by Tom.

Next, you and Tom discuss some Spectrum frame options based on the information gleaned from the interview and the fit session. Frame materials are chosen and the design work begins.

Tom will design a frame in your chosen material to meet your specific needs. Geometry is tuned; tube gauges and diameters are finalized, finished options are discussed.

Tom and Jeff create steel frames on site while titanium frame and materials specifications are sent to Merlin Metal Works for materials production. Once Seven Cycles has received the materials from Merlin, fabrication commences in Seven's facilities in Watertown, MA.

Once the frames are built, a rigorous inspection takes place. The final framesets are then ready for totally custom finishing.

Tom hand-finishes each frame according to your imagination…you dream it and Tom will paint it.

If you ordered a complete bicycle, it is built up with components you and Tom have chosen. We take photos of it for our records; pack it up and ship it to you. We then start on the next Spectrum frame.

You receive your new Custom bicycle and grin...that grin returns each time you ride.



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