Frame Builders We Respect

This list is by no means complete, but it will give an idea of the kind of dedication and workmanship that we believe in. In no particular order:

Peter Weigle
Peter is a Southern New England builder maintaining a small custom frame business. Like Spectrum, his work is based on strong personal relationships with his dedicated customers. Peter has a wonderful outlook on his place in the bicycle business. He makes stunningly beautiful custom frames. Delivery time is entirely based on how long it takes Peter to do it right.

Albert Eisentraut
Albert is the father of artful American frame building. By the time we started building custom bicycles at Spectrum over forty years ago, he was beginning his second generation of Eisentraut frames, the "Limited"line. Albert has taught many of the current frame building masters and designers of today. His craft and mastery is legendary. He's still at it building beautiful bicycles.

Mario Confente
In the mid ' 70s, Mario left his position running the American division of Masi to begin building under his own name. His personal style and the classic beauty of his frames forced other builders to work toward higher and higher standards of excellence. His influence on Jeff and myself at Spectrum is still visible today. Mario tragically died at a very young age after building very few of his Confente frames.

Jim Redcay
One of the early greats of modern American frame building, Jim was one of my mentors, working out of Lambertville, NJ from the mid 70s to the mid 80s. Eventually he replaced me as the Ross Signature builder when I went on to found Spectrum Cycles. Jim developed a unique style of building opting for clean, modern and simple pieces. Eventually, Jim decided to retire from frame building and pursue other crafts.

Richard Sachs
A builder who believes in the value of holding to the rich traditions of classic European building, Richard Sachs, like Peter Weigle came out of the Whitcomb USA shop of the mid 70s. He continues to build extraordinarily clean and classic steel frames that rival our own.

Roland Della Santa
Roland is the builder who crafted Greg Lemond's early frames. Never obsessed with mass-market appeal, he quietly builds excellent frames for some of the best riders in America.

Bill Boston
Long retired from frame building, Bill was my master when I first entered the frame business. Brilliant, single-minded pursuit of excellence in frame design characterized Bill's extraordinary work. Bill taught us at Spectrum to never compromise on anything related to quality. Thanks Bill.